Our Services

D&S Distribution has a large customer base within the Huntingdon and surrounding areas, and are increasing from the West Midlands across to Norfolk regions.

We offer a high class logistics service whether on a bespoke or contractual basis, with excess of 30 years experience in the industry to the UK

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Welcome to D&S. We operate from the Huntingdon area within Cambridgeshire, being on the A1 / A14 corridor allows fast easy access to all regions of the UK. Our customers although heavy in our area range from the West Midlands across to Norfolk areas and is increasing at a steady rate, most of which is from recommendations from our existing clients. The key to our success is a simple one, we believe that giving a first class logistics service every time to our customers allows them to go about their business, without the worry if their consignments are delivered or running late, and this eliminates the need for our clients to make unnecessary phone calls chasing for updates. Once the consignments have been delivered a complimentary email / fax is sent confirming date, time and signatory details of their completed delivery to your office. This has proven to be extremely effective and has enabled D&S to obtain new customers through recommendations. Strict driver and delivery criteria in force to ensure correct documentation is always adhered to. When D&S arrive at a delivery point we are representing you our customer, so clean and tidy vehicles along with courteous drivers reflect accordingly to our customers and maintain our reputation. All vehicles have fitted hands free car kits for legal & safety reasons, and so drivers are always obtainable when driving and carry their mobile phones when loading or unloading allowing consistent communications and updates of delays occurring should they arise. This information is relayed back to our customers so they are constantly aware of progress. Should you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Vehicles

We have a range of the following Vehicles

Light Trucks | Medium Trucks
Heavy Trucks | Small Transit Vans
Large Transit Vans

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Our warehousing facility is based on palletized goods only. We do however reserve the right to refuse any hazardous goods / chemicals to be stored.