Our Services

D&S Distribution has a large customer base within the Huntingdon and surrounding areas, and are increasing from the West Midlands across to Norfolk regions.

We offer a high class logistics service whether on a bespoke or contractual basis, with excess of 30 years experience in the industry to the UK

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Light Trucks

Our 7 ½ ton vehicles are curtain sided lorries for ease of loading and also aids correct securing of the load.
These carry 10 standard (48 X 40 ) pallets or 14 euro sized pallets, and have a payload of 2840 kg's.
These have a good internal height clearance making them versatile vehicles to cope with volume as well as medium weight loads, and where weight restricted access applies to certain delivery points.
If our light trucks are not big enough for your requirements then our medium or heavy trucks will accommodate your needs. Alternatively if your consignments are of a smaller quantity then our vans would also assist.

Medium Trucks

An ideal mid range truck when the delivery point has restricted access where artics cannot get into safely. They have payloads ranging from 10000 kg’s to 14850 kg's.
These are ideal when artics are not viable and where light trucks cannot cope with the volume or weight of the consignment.
Should our medium trucks be too small for your consignments then our heavy trucks will cater, alternatively if these are too large then our light trucks or vans would satisfy your requirements.
Tuck away tail lifts are available on these trucks.

Heavy Trucks

We offer several types of services within our heavy trucks operations, these are, for on-going contracts (or pre arranged bespoke works) where trailers can be left on an overnight basis allowing customers to maximize their working space, goods are loaded directly from the shop floor to the trailer keeping maximum floor space available. And secondly, where we load directly from your premises at a pre agreed time and deliver directly from there.

All our trailers are curtainsiders, and all hold 26 standard (48 X 40) pallets or 33 euro size pallets, some have tuck away tail lifts fitted. Payloads are all a maximum of  28500 kg's, where tail lift trailers are vehicles are needed these would need to be arranged on order due to demand.


Large Transit  Vans

These vans carry 3 standard GKN pallets or 4 euro sized pallets; they have a rear door clearance of almost 6 feet and are very good for getting goods to your customers when tight deadlines are imposed. They all have load securing eyelets throughout to enable securing consignments prior to transportation.

Should these vehicles be too small then truck sections will cater for your requirements.

Vehicle dimensions are as follows;
Height through rear doors 69 ½ " / 5ft 9 ½ / 1,75m.

Internal dimensions
Height 72" / 6ft / 1.84m
Width 53" / 4ft 5" / 1.35m
Length 125" / 10FT 5" / 3.18m
Payload 1500 kg's


Our Vehicles

We have a range of the following Vehicles

Light Trucks | Medium Trucks
Heavy Trucks | Small Transit Vans
Large Transit Vans

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Our warehousing facility is based on palletized goods only. We do however reserve the right to refuse any hazardous goods / chemicals to be stored.